Marriage and Family Counseling

So, you have gotten to a point in your marriage where you are seriously considering divorce. This decision has potentially serious negative consequences for you, your spouse, and those you are close with in your life. It is a choice that must be thought through deliberately and carefully.

Despite all the happiness that newlyweds enjoy, it appears that marriage is not always for the long run with the number of case separations increasing every year (Karney, 2010).  “Most first marriages will end in divorce or permanent separation” (Bramlett & Mosher, 2002), and the rate of dissolution for remarriages is even higher (Cherlin, 1992).

The decision to marry is one of the greatest decisions that any human being is bound to make during their lifetime.  But does it always have to end in the same way?  

Even the best marriage takes work. But a long-distance marriage?

Those are even more challenging. After all, it takes intimacy and communication to keep a marriage growing strong. Couples get divorced every day when they feel like they have grown apart – even when they are already living in the same home. The challenges for a married couple who are separated seem significantly higher.

Fortunately, though, long distance marriages can work. They require a lot of extra work. You may need to find a counselor and get involved in marriage counseling, but you can make it work if you are both invested. Here is a list of important things to remember about keeping a relationship healthy.


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